I reached a new level of “stressed” this past month, I have never felt so stressed before. It was so different, I wanted to sleep but couldn’t sleep well or at all because of all the things on my mind. So my finals ended last Thursday and I attended a women’s conference on Sunday. I…… Continue reading Brave

Emergency Kit for my Car (College Student Edition)

So I’ve been thinking about emergencies since I’ve been keeping up to date on the most recent floods, road wash outs, and bridge failures that have been happening due to all of our, wonderful & much needed, rain that we’ve been getting in California. As a kid, my mom always had emergency food and an…… Continue reading Emergency Kit for my Car (College Student Edition)

Keepsakes: Keeping with Confidence

I grew up in a home of keepsakes. Photos in frames that don’t match a thing. Things we collected because “we” can’t possibly part with our favorite childhood toys papers from schoolwork art drawings journals/diaries collectables from theme parks hats and stuff of that nature toothbrushes/brushes form our infant years cups/plates from infant years old…… Continue reading Keepsakes: Keeping with Confidence