Jeff Keele Sermon: For The City

***these are some old church sermon notes from months back, looking over I thought I would share since it was already saved in drafts***

What does it mean to be the best church for the city?

The first action: to pray

The enemy wants us to assimilate and be diminished. God will deliver us from this land!

But we cannot just wait for this time to happen. We have to live and flourish within this world without being of this world.


Prayer is working while God is working on us and through us.

The specific kind of prayer God asked Israel to use is Intersession. Speaking to God for another person. It directs our hearts to the enemies.

Matt 5:44-45

1 Timothy 2:1-3

Intercession directs our eyes of the needs of those around us.

2 Corinthians 5:14-16

Matt 6:9-10


Yes, I made Chocolate Cake the week before finals!
I reached a new level of “stressed” this past month, I have never felt so stressed before. It was so different, I wanted to sleep but couldn’t sleep well or at all because of all the things on my mind.

So my finals ended last Thursday and I attended a women’s conference on Sunday. I had been planning on attending two conferences and then didn’t prepare for either but luckily my brother paid for the one so I still went. 

Some people think that a conference or Bible Retreat are the best ways to de-stress, but I want to be pretty clear. If someone tells you they don’t think they can go to something because they have a lot to do, don’t tell them to suck it up and go anyways. You know why? I fell asleep during the main keynote. 

You may ask “How in the world did you fall asleep during suck an awesome speaker?”

It’s simple.

My soul didn’t need nourishing, it needs rest. 

Yes, this has been the most exhausting and challenging 10 weeks, but I gave it my all and I survived. To give it my all, I prayed and cried out to the Lord with all that was discouraging me and challenging me. I studied the Bible with my closest friend. I counseled others. I was counseled in return. 

So if you ask if I learned how to be brave at the women’s conference on Sunday, I would have to say no, I did not. I did not go to learn how to be brave, I went to fellowship. I am already brave.

Resiliency was my key word for the Winter Quarter, and you know what comes naturally when you are resilient? Bravery. 

You know what I’m taking with me into the Spring Quarter? Everything I already learned and more. I know what I did great and what needs working on. 

I need community not more teachers. I want to commune with other women who have defined bravery in their own ways. I want to be around women who strive to be the best from their families and don’t live in an idealistic Christian world where we pretend everything is all perfect and honky dory. Because Jesus was perfect, we are not. We are sinful, but because we are Christian Women we are brave.

And lastly, I do not need you to tell me how to live my life. Feel free to make suggestions but if I have to do something for the sake of my own sanity in this crazy season of life of life.

EDC DIY Personalization 

So I previously shared that I am organizing an emergency kit to keep in my car, and for part of it I’m keep a Maxpedition Fatty Pock Pouch in my glove compartment.

So I am a girl. And although tactical gear is heavy duty and has its purpose, it’s not cute. And since I’m not paranoid and not a prepper…. I made a hot pink paracord bracelet and used the extra pieces to customize my EDC bag. I purchased the all black bag, so it came with Continue reading “EDC DIY Personalization “

Emergency Kit for my Car (College Student Edition)

So I’ve been thinking about emergencies since I’ve been keeping up to date on the most recent floods, road wash outs, and bridge failures that have been happening due to all of our, wonderful & much needed, rain that we’ve been getting in California.

As a kid, my mom always had emergency food and an emergency plan for our family because she’s from New York and she grew up getting snowed in for days at a time in the winter. Being in California it’s Continue reading “Emergency Kit for my Car (College Student Edition)”

Rise and Grind

Typically “Rise and Grind” means getting up and grinding up some fresh coffee beans but today it’s a little different. Today, I woke up ready to make the best of my day. And to begin it, I’m doing something for myself.

I’m exercising. (I’m taking a break right now…)

And I’m not going to be one of those people that takes photos of myself exercising. If you want to see me all gross and sweaty, then you need to exercise with me. Otherwise you will be severely disappointed.

img_3657-1Today it’s all about stretching well, walking a lot to get miles in and getting my heart rate up by jump roping.

I do need to lose some weight. The scale tells me that and so do my clothes, but to be honest, it’s so weird to feel fat because I was much fatter 18 Continue reading “Rise and Grind”

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