Worship and a Prayer

Two of my most favorite places to worship this far in my life have been in the pews outside in the forest one summer in Shaver Lake, CA and the other was in the worship center up at Mount Hermon when we were on a college retreat.

Both times have been away from the city and distracts with a couple people I know and a bunch of strangers. All with one unifying purpose to worship our Lord and Savior.

There are so many of types of worship services, prayer services, song services, leadership workshops, mission workshops, vacation bible schools, outreach programs, and even different strains of Christianity. I do believe that there is a big grey area where worship services begin to converge and begin to look like the world. However, the important thing is that people everywhere, that people we love join us in worshiping the Lord in the way that uplifting their spirit so that they may align their hearts with Christ’s so that they may begin their week full of joy and set off on another week in this world cleansed of our worldly sin.

The following prayer is partially from my daily devotional and part my own:

Dear Lord,

No matter where we are, Lord, please be with us, the hopes and dreams in my heart are too big for me but they are not too big for You. The world we live in is hard and dark continuously throwing standards at us to live by. Today, I ask you to strengthen me with the wisdom and patience to stay in the faith lane that You have assigned me. Holy Spirit, teach me to live wisely and well so that Your plans and my dreams can be fulfilled in Jesus Name. Amen.
I know that was a bit vague but my purpose is this. Although we often don’t think the way someone else is worshipping or living is right, it is not our place to judge because God sees us all in one way: as his followers or not. We need to be seeking him and leaning on him, allowing him to guide our journey and live our lives in a way that only God can fulfill. No person can change that.


2 thoughts on “Worship and a Prayer

  1. Beautiful prayer! thank you for sharing. I find my best retreat is just a walk in the woods. I look at my surroundings. I know God is alive. The slight sweep of wind is like his breath upon me. The birds singing is like His voice that speaks to me. I know I hear Him. It is through the Holy Spirt that dwells within me who helps and comforts me through out my day..

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