Keepsakes: Keeping with Confidence

I grew up in a home of keepsakes.

  • Photos in frames that don’t match a thing.
  • Things we collected because “we” can’t possibly part with
    • our favorite childhood toys
    • papers from schoolwork
    • art drawings
    • journals/diaries
    • collectables from theme parks
    • hats and stuff of that nature
    • toothbrushes/brushes form our infant years
    • cups/plates from infant years
    • old holiday decorations
    • books
      • books we don’t even like
    • pots & pans
    • old bedding

Continue reading “Keepsakes: Keeping with Confidence”

Authentic Leadership Development

Authentic Leadership Development? How can leadership development not be authentic? I know you are asking these questions because I am asking myself right now if that is the correct way to even lead into what I want to talk about.

When I say “Authentic Leadership Development” I am referring to development of leadership traits within ourselves, specifically when it comes to religious leadership. Continue reading “Authentic Leadership Development”

DIY Toddler Squeeze Pouches & Infantino Squeeze Station

So my husband’s sister-in-law and her four daughters were here with us this last week for five days. And as I spend my first quiet hour since they left sitting here reflecting on their visit, I thought I would share my experience with our NEW Infantino Spueeze Station, which is available on sale here.

As we discussed all things motherhood this week, I asked Kara, who has 4 girls now, if she had seen this awesome product. Her response was no and to also order it for us to try out.  Continue reading “DIY Toddler Squeeze Pouches & Infantino Squeeze Station”

Sore Throat

Last night at our impromptu meet up at Chuch (our building was supposed to be rented for termites but got rescheduled again…) another woman shared about her battle with sickness 22 years ago and how she had to get that low in order to hear what she needed to do. And when she figured out what God was tellin her to do she got up, healthy, baffling doctors and went on to live her life more full out than it had been before… Or at least that’s what I understood from her story.

We talked a lot last night in a short two hours. We prayed, we shared so much and I learned more about those other three ladies than I have known before. Continue reading “Sore Throat”

Am I questioning my actions before I make them?

What happens when I…?

People often judge what will happen when other people do things, but often enough we don’t judge what happens when we take certain actions of our own. I know this from personal experience.

There was a time I was dating a guy from another church and so I would always go to their church. It was so very exciting participating in their activities and being apart of their group.

The college kids my age there grew up with the same attitude as I did when it came to church. Continue reading “Am I questioning my actions before I make them?”

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