RCC Community Garden

By Andrea Stewart

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The RCC community garden is hosting an art show this spring to promote awareness of the garden by welcoming artists to submit and display their interpretation of nature for the event.

The 2016 Community Garden Spring Art Exhibit will be held May 7 at 4 p.m. The community garden is sustained by a group of community-based individuals who seek to provide sustainable food to the community through practice and education.

The purpose of the Spring Art exhibit is to enhance the environment of the community garden and promote the unity of art, nature and creativity.

Alysa Carrillo is a student mentor for the RCC community garden, and is the organizer for this event and is asking that art of any skill level or craft be submitted to her and reflects the theme of nature.

Carrillo is in the garden on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. Along with other student mentors, staff, and volunteers, the garden is currently open 3 times a week to the public to learn about gardening and to water the plants.

Carrillo instructs and assists volunteer gardeners on everything from planting seeds and seedlings to weeding, and killing pests. She is one of the many people who are involved with the RCC garden and she has a vision for a future where the garden has so many volunteers that it can be open everyday instead of just three days a week.

“We had a master gardener stop by and had a workshop on urban and small space gardening in the fall semester and we had it during school hours so that students could attend,” said Carrillo. “We don’t have any master gardeners scheduled for the spring, but we have hosted movie nights here. We project the movie onto the Science Building, so as it gets warmer we are definitely going to host some of those and some workshops.”

Carrillo stated that the community garden is perfect because we all work on it together, most college students probably don’t own their own place yet and so they might not have the time and space to make a whole garden. There are certain spots that are run individually, other than that we all work together to cultivate it.

Carrillo wanted to host an event that would welcome people from RCC and the community into our garden and inform them that they are welcome here at any time.

“I didn’t know that the gardens were even open. I thought they were working on them and that eventually they would be open,” said George Platner, an accounting major at RCC.

If anyone is interested in volunteering to be a garden mentor or volunteer to host extra gardening hours, it is suggested that you contact Dr. Tonya Huff, the garden manager. The only real requirement is time commitment.

The Spring Art show is an example of how those at the RCC community garden are trying to connect with other parts of RCC and really open their gates to creativity. This is the first type of event they have hosted and they are still accepting art submissions to display around the garden.

Mayor Rusty Bailey is scheduled to be at the RCC Spring Art Event because his office is committed to community outreach. With Mayor Bailey in attendance it is expected that a spotlight is about to be shined down on this little haven that lies within RCC’s campus boundaries.

With so many possibilities ahead of them, those at the RCC community garden are looking forward to the future, not only for what this single event will hold for them but what kind of notice and recognition it can do for them.


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