My Daily Cup

Over the past year or so I have continually come back to this idea that I should write. I haven’t been just inspired to write a blog but a series of Biblical life application as I learn and grow in my own life and spirituality.

This will be my outlet of choice to share such publications of this blog series. All ideas and stories I share here are of my own work and cannot be copied under without my permission according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1996.

My republication policy:

  • You may publish a quote of 100 words or less from the original article with a link to the original article.
  • If you republish a partial post, it must be exactly as it appears on my website with all links intact.
  • Special permission needs to be granted in order to republish more than 100 words from this website. Full articles are not permitted to be republished without permission from the owner of this site.

“My Daily Cup ” is property of Andrea Stewart and is pending trademark.

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