Hiking with kids

This past weekend we had the rare opportunity to go to Los Rios Rancho & Wildlife Conservancy. We love this place and come here often so we knew what to expect when we arrived. With plenty of sunblock and water on hand we loaded into the truck and drove up the hill from where we live. This is not a difficult hike, but the terrain is dry and it is June so it gets hot really quick.


Carry the kid & your gear

When my son was younger we used to use one of these carriers, although I would recommend this Deuter Kid Comfort Air Child Carrier because the one fault with the carrier we have is the carrier and the child both get super hot and sweaty. And its definitely something we can still use if we went on a longer hikes. Although, the downside is that the version we have here actually has a zippered area to carry a camelback water reservoir that the one I would recommend does not have.

Staying Hydrated

For us we carried in our water bottles and got a refill at the bathroom water fountain but normally we are really good about using our camelback reservoirs with either our camelback bags (I have a name brand and a non-name brand that was much cheaper) honest the bag doesn’t make the difference but I really like the quality of the camelback reservoirs the best. My brother has had many different versions over the years so when I bought mine I knew what I wanted because it is so versatile and easy to clean and refill. To keep my son hydrated we take his own camelback water bottle that we use on a daily basis to make sure he was getting enough water and by having his own water bottle we are able to track how much water he is taking in to make sure he stays hydrated. I really recommend doing this for your own kids, and to really make sure that everyone has there own source of water so no one is competing for rations. It always sucks when one person gets sick in the heat because they were the only one to not get enough water, I want to say this has happened a lot in my experience because people are generally not taking in enough water on a daily basis and so we have to intake more when it gets hot or we spend more time in the sun. This is my own opinion from personal experience, please don’t quote me on it.

Food/ Snacks

My go to snacks for hiking is trail mix and clif bars. However, we had lunch immediately before our hike so I only had to worry about snacks for the rest of the day. So I had some kind bars on hand for my husband and I, apple sauce/fruit pouches and fig bars for my son. And my cousin packed her own snacks and water.

Skin Care

I feel like sunblock or sun lotion is so underrated. My grandfather just had skin cancer removed from the top of his head and I know we spent many summer days outside without any care for the damage we were causing our skins but we are still young and can prevent more damage while my grandfather is over 80 and is now just caring for what he has. With that, sunblock and caring for our children’s skin and educating them on the importance of taking 5 minutes to make sure they are evenly coated with sun block is crucial. I’m not too concerned about the mineral vs. tradition sunblock approach, pick something that works for you and use it liberally.

While you are at it, grab yourself a sunhat and wear proper clothing to protect your skin like breathable hiking gear or anything that fabric is certified UPF 50+.

Best Kid’s Sun hat

This is the best sunhat that every mom should get for kids that are going to be spending a lot of time outdoors. My son loves this hat and it is UPF 50+ certified sun rating mesh vents not rated, Water repellent / stain resistant so when he is starting to get sweaty I can put some cold water in his hat and stick it on his head, he loves being wet now that he’s had the opportunity to really explore a kid-sized play pool a couple weeks ago which is awesome! Sunday Afternoons Child Unisex Play Hat






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