EDC DIY Personalization 

So I previously shared that I am organizing an emergency kit to keep in my car, and for part of it I’m keep a Maxpedition Fatty Pock Pouch in my glove compartment.

So I am a girl. And although tactical gear is heavy duty and has its purpose, it’s not cute. And since I’m not paranoid and not a prepper…. I made a hot pink paracord bracelet and used the extra pieces to customize my EDC bag. I purchased the all black bag, so it came with black paracord zipper pulls. I cut those suckers off so quick and restrung the zippers with hot pink paracord.

I needed a little help so I pulled the paracord through the zipper with a seam ripper! After tying off the ends, you have to heat them to finish them with a lighter so the ends don’t fray.

I also ordered a hot pink American flag to stick on that velcro patch on my bag. I’m hoping that all the pink will help deture any men from taking my goods.


By the way if any ladies are searching “lady edc” on YouTube or Google, Beware…. women are using EDC to Vlog about all the junk they choose to carry in their purses. You’d think they would want to define their own little topic as “Ladies’ Energency Kits”….


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