Rise and Grind

Typically “Rise and Grind” means getting up and grinding up some fresh coffee beans but today it’s a little different. Today, I woke up ready to make the best of my day. And to begin it, I’m doing something for myself.

I’m exercising. (I’m taking a break right now…)

And I’m not going to be one of those people that takes photos of myself exercising. If you want to see me all gross and sweaty, then you need to exercise with me. Otherwise you will be severely disappointed.

img_3657-1Today it’s all about stretching well, walking a lot to get miles in and getting my heart rate up by jump roping.

I do need to lose some weight. The scale tells me that and so do my clothes, but to be honest, it’s so weird to feel fat because I was much fatter 18 months ago… I couldn’t see my toes and I couldn’t bend over. Then I had a c-section and a wonderful little guy emerged from my body, and I was forced to rest and heal.

So even though I’m heavier than pre-baby, I still feel a lot skinnier than I did before. This makes it pretty hard for me to feel motivated to work out. So I’m focusing on feeling a different way. I’m focusing on having energy and building some stamina.

I need to be able to get up at 6am, last through 4 classes and then drive home in traffic without a nap. And ironically, being a new mom, I learned to fit in naps all the time. I know a lot of mom’s don’t do that, but having to heal from a c-section and not being able to lift more than 10 pounds for awhile made it hard to do anything.. and that led to napping!

So here I am, ready for some change. It’s the beginning of a new year but more importantly for myself, I’m ready for a new quarter and a new opportunity to prove myself once again. So my goal for myself is not only to do great in school again but to be more active.


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