Keepsakes: Keeping with Confidence

I grew up in a home of keepsakes.

  • Photos in frames that don’t match a thing.
  • Things we collected because “we” can’t possibly part with
    • our favorite childhood toys
    • papers from schoolwork
    • art drawings
    • journals/diaries
    • collectables from theme parks
    • hats and stuff of that nature
    • toothbrushes/brushes form our infant years
    • cups/plates from infant years
    • old holiday decorations
    • books
      • books we don’t even like
    • pots & pans
    • old bedding

Now I am an adult, married, and we have a son and not only am I struggling to deal with learning to get rid of unused items that clutter our lives but my family does too. And the problem is that we don’t see eye to eye on what to get rid of and to keep. My husband has no problem getting rid of my stuff, and I have no problem getting rid of him stuff (except I am not trying to just get rid of his stuff… just the things that are extras.)

I want to look forward to the future and keep in my that if we are saving for a house, we should buy things with moving in mind. We shouldn’t buy furniture just to keep it all when we move, cluttering a brand new clean slate of a home the moment we walk through the doors. We shouldn’t keep things we don’t love or use just to have to pack it away some day, unpack it and then give it away eventually.

Part of me feels like we could have an entire booth in a vintage stuff with all the cool collectable stuff we hang on to, but I don’t feel like cataloging it all and having to keep an eye on it. Although that would be something of interest for me to do when I am all done with school as a hobby or something.

So I have decided to keep with confidence. No more “yah… I guess we can get that…” or “this is nice let’s buy it..” attitudes. My goodwill pile is growing as I mentally note what needs to go now. I think its a great time in our lives to do this, and its also a good time of the year knowing all sorts of things are going to be coming into our home this Christmas Season.



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