DIY Toddler Squeeze Pouches & Infantino Squeeze Station

So my husband’s sister-in-law and her four daughters were here with us this last week for five days. And as I spend my first quiet hour since they left sitting here reflecting on their visit, I thought I would share my experience with our NEW Infantino Spueeze Station, which is available on sale here.

As we discussed all things motherhood this week, I asked Kara, who has 4 girls now, if she had seen this awesome product. Her response was no and to also order it for us to try out. 

Her 2 year old LOVES squeeze pouch snacks and Zeke is really getting into eating them too so it was really fun to give it a try.

For our first try we used:

10 Asain Pears (steamed)

One small bag of frozen organic strawberries

4 scoops of plain Greek yogurt

I wasn’t initially trying it to post and review the product so I didn’t take pictures of the food prep, but basically I wash and cut 10 Asian pears from my cousin’s tree and I steamed them. Then I blended them together with a bag of frozen strawberries and four scoops of plain Greek yogurt. The Greek yogurt was to add protein and give it a nice smooth texture.

Here I used my ninja blender to blend all the ingredients together. Initially I pulsed it to crush the frozen strawberries, then pleaded. And I had my little pouches all prepped in their station.

Then I poured the smoothies into the measuring tubes between the top and the line below it. So it’s just enough to fill one 4 oz. pouch.

Here’s a quick video to show just how easy it is to fill the pouch!

And then you can freeze them for up to 2 months or store ready to eat in the fridge for up to 2 days!

Overall, I’m very excited to get some recipes going to try out some more combos that my son will love! It’s a very easy to use product, helps by cutting the cost of snack pouches since the average $1-$2.50 and its approved by my niece!


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