Sore Throat

Last night at our impromptu meet up at Chuch (our building was supposed to be rented for termites but got rescheduled again…) another woman shared about her battle with sickness 22 years ago and how she had to get that low in order to hear what she needed to do. And when she figured out what God was tellin her to do she got up, healthy, baffling doctors and went on to live her life more full out than it had been before… Or at least that’s what I understood from her story.

We talked a lot last night in a short two hours. We prayed, we shared so much and I learned more about those other three ladies than I have known before.

Well today, I had a dream. I have had a sore throat this week and my son has a bit of a cold. My mom and some kids at church are sick so it was just a matter of time since last week was VBS.

Back to the sore throat. My son is napping and I’m napping. Once again I’m having a vivid dream about a man walking around the house.

In his dream he comes in the front door and is disappointed to see what I have done today. At first I think it’s my husband, because I was napping and haven’t seen him. Then I realize he’s more of a silent figure, not making much noise and doesn’t use any words, yet I know what he wants and what I need to do.

So after I wake I get up and we have lunch, then I start in on the house work I’ve been putting off all week because I’m still exhausted from VBS. And quite frankly house work is not fun.

It’s interesting that I started today sitting and praying because I was tired and I wasn’t feeling all that well and then suddenly I’m feeling well enough and have all this motivation to get things done.

I spent my morning praying about our church, my friends and family and lastly myself because I have a lot to work on. At 24, I have so much to learn and accomplish still. Of course I have a lifetime to do that but it’s so interesting to see that when I ask for understanding and clarity, I find within myself what I need to do. I know that’s directly related to the Holy Spirit. He may not speak to us like he did in the OT but he definitely has his ways of having his message heard.

I heard it loud and clearly.


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