I’ve often liked the idea of minimalism, growing up a Christian I was taught we should give A LOT to others whether they need it or not, asking for it or not…. But then growing up in a consumerism society, everyone is telling me I need more outfits, more everything. I am been conditioned to feel my worth is dependent on how much money I spend and where, whether I drink name brand coffee in a fancy cup or I bring my own coffee, whether I sit in a coffee shop sipping a specialty drink or sit in the library, reading a free book, and drinking water….

I have allowed myself to fall victim to consumerism and because of it I am distracted from my life and what is in front of me. I cannot enjoy life and am continuously distracted by all the material things around me.

Today, I pissed off my husband in a deeply troubling way. He didn’t say a single word. He was silent after he made his initial point. I’ve been spending too much money. Then I began thinking…

except for groceries and gas, almost all my purchases are frivolous.


My choices were based off of want and not needs.

So going against what I originally planned to for a project for my blog, I am not going to buy anything.

Instead, I will be minimalizing my collection of material goods and be documenting it. In doing this I hope to find peace and clarity.

I will be posting updates on here and Instagram with  #DeclutterFor2016 #SpringCleaning2016 #DeclutterYourSpace #DeclutterYourLife pick a hashtag or two and join me. I will be looking out for your inspiration and accomplishments.


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