Fall Apple Pie

I used this Dutch Apple Pie Recipe this afternoon to make my husband’s favorite type of pie for the first time. Really this was first time I ever made an apple pie because i never wanted to peel and cut the apples.

I found this recipe on Pinterest and it was actually the first recipe I clicked on and I am really happy with it. I did do two things differently than the recipe calls for. I didn’t make any crust instead I used frozen Marie Calendar’s pie crust that I bought at the grocery store, it came in a set of two which is perfect since Thanksgiving is next week. Next, I didn’t have Cider Vinegar so I went to handy Google and searched and found that depending on what you are baking or cooking can be interchangeable. So I used red wine vinegar. The purpose of the vinegar is to keep the apples from browning after you cut them.

Next week, for Thanksgiving if you want the look of a completely homemade pie without all the work make sure to get a frozen pie crust, thaw it, and transfer the pie crust to your own pie dish. Make sure to press out or cut off the decorative edge because everyone will know you didn’t do it from scratch. Marie Calendar pie crusts are really good just make sure not to over cook your pie because the crust is very thin and will cook quick, but still I would recommend using them.

The pie was sweet, crunchy and the ratio with all the seasonings are perfect. If you are not a pumpkin pie person I would recommend making one of these, besides there will be pumpkin pie and whipped cream already right?



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