Daily Cup: Pillow Talk with God

Awhile ago I got into a habit of reading a daily devotional right before I go to bed. I know studies show that it is bad to use cell phones or electronic devices before bed because the blue light disrupts your sleep… Well a peaceful heart helps my sleep so I feel like it outweighs the latter of the two.

I felt like this evening’s Devo was perfect, I’m currently reading through Acts even though I’ve studied it many times before. And this time the Devo seemed to perfectly coorrolate with the fact that tomorrow is the second day of this season’s small group section and as a co-leader I need to open my heart up to God to allow him to use me to work in his kingdom.

Well this is what the very beginning of my Devo read:

And this is what the reflection said,

“Are there people who are being ostracized from fellowship in your house of worship or community because of their ethnicity, social status or past? In what ways can you reach out to them? Do you believe that God’s grace is available to them?”

I’m sharing this because whether you are in an opportunity to directly lead others towards God (in a group study you lead) or just get someone in the church building if you aren’t being sure that others are being taught what is correct others will be teaching them whatever they want. In our case it is mostly the outer would that teaches the most lessons to those who choose not to go to church and it is more important that we all are saved than whether or not we feel good about being with this person. Eventually we all work past our differences with others, wouldn’t it be great to have the opportunity to influence that growth?


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