“Monday” Clean Up & Clutter Round Up

5 minute clean upIt’s Tuesday but since yesterday was Columbus Day for most people today is their Monday. I thought it’d be nice to share a quick “Monday” clean inspiration. I want to inspire you to join me in cleaning up just a little today because we all know that a clean and organized space helps us work better, relax easier and get things done faster.

Today lets truly clean when completing these couple of things. Don’t fake it and just move the mess. This is something that I am definitely working on because I am really good at moving the clutter instead of truly cleaning.

Today lets take 5 minutes do the following:

  1. Clean off your dining room table.
  2. Clean the drop-off spot (the place where you leave all your family’s stuff when everyone walks in the door.)
  3. Open a window.
  4. Burn a candle.
  5. Display fresh flowers. Bonus: Cut your own fresh flowers to display.

Will you join me in choosing to take 5 minutes to declutter or tidy up every Monday?

It is so simple! In 5 minutes you can:

  • Put away that pile of shoes by the front door
  • Put away your kid’s toys
  • Put away your dog’s toys
  • Put away all the bags and purses that accumulate in your habitual drop off area
  • or Sort the pile of papers that have been accumulating on your counter or table

love andrea


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