Target Baby Haul

Everyone has done it, you go into Target with a goal in mind: to only buy what is planned. But then the magic of Target takes over and you end up buying extra items.

This happened to me but here’s why I went:

  1. Return excess baby clothes sizes 3-6 months and a few other items (and get store credit)
  2. Use coupons for diapers before they expire
  3. Use coupon for bottle before it expires
  4. See if they have a changing cushion for a changing table
  5. Buy butt cream for diaper bag
  6. See what else I might need *this is where I get myself into trouble

So here’s what I left with…

  • 1 box size 1 Pampers brand diapers
  • 1 box size 2 Pampers brand diapers (if you bought two boxes you got $10 gift  card back)
  • 1 Avent brand bottle to silly cup with handles (used coupon for $1.50 off)
  • 1 space ship and robots pacifier clippy
  • 1 Munchkin brand cooler bag for bottles and things
  • 1 Aveeno brand diaper cream
  • 1 pack of footless sleepers (the ones with elastic at the bottom)
  • 2 board books
  • 1 formula holder for diaper bag

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