35 weeks and Feeling that Heat!

Hello Summer! Wish you hadn’t come so soon!

Today is my first day off of two in a row. I spent my day preparing for baby Ezekiel, there is so much to do! 

  • Return/Exchange stuff from baby shower
  • Take tags off of baby clothes
  • Unpackage other items
  • Wash baby clothes and stuff
  • Put together stroller, high chair and whatever else I have time for


There are so many things that come with having a baby but even moreso, there is so much packaging! I want to really emphasize this RECYCLE! This stroller box is full of all the other boxes, plastics, tags and hangers that came with all the baby stuff that I have unpackaged.

I have my dreft baby laundry detergent so I seperated my pile of baby laundry into lights and darks and currently have both loads washing/drying.

I’m definitely starting week 35 productively!




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