Take My Breath Away

Quite Literally. Please help me with my breath. In high school I had a breath problem and people let me know about it. Not so much anymore! I’m not sure if my dental hygiene is better or if people are just more polite as adults…

So this is what I bought…

The tongue cleaner was about $3 at Kmart and the listenine was $5 after tax. For under $10 fresh breath, or atleast an attempt at it, is close.

I didn’t take any before/after pictures of my tongue because I feel like no one needs to actually see it. If you want to see results, go buy a tongue cleaner and scape your tongue a lot! You WILL see results. The cleaner will scape all the junk and bacteria out of your tongue, it will be gross and smell gross but it will feel so clean afterward!

Do It!

Then follow with some listerine to kill other germs in your mouth and say hello to fresh breath!

**I assume that everyone brushes their teeth twice a day and flosses once a day.

Lots of Love,



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