34 weeks and Growing…

There comes a time in pregnancy when you no longer want to here hoe big you are getting. I’m growing a person and I’m getting to the final home stretch, I know what’s going on with my body (size wise- can’t say that for much else) and I see myself in the mirror.

It’s very helpful that people recently have been so generous with the compliments… I really prefer “you look so beautiful” over “youre glowing!” Because said “glow” is actually just an excess of blood in my body that circulates like normal but is visibly enhancing to the face…

You know what’s not cute? My swelling feet due to excess liquids and salts in my body. My poor hams they are so uncomfortable.

I have only 7 works days and 11 days until maternity leave. I am so excited to sleep in for a couple weeks before I’m more tired than ever!

I’m very excited! This weekend is my mom’s birthday and my baby shower! So tomorrow I get to celebrate her and then Sunday we get to celebrate our little guy before he joins us in this world!

The only problem is I don’t know where we are going to put everything!

I recently read a post about how excited a friend and fellow blogger was and had been since she found out she was pregnant because she had a whole nursery theme in mind. Unfortunately for me, with our current situation, I didn’t even know when we would get a crib or if someone would have to help us get one. Luckily we are very blessed and our friends’ youngest son just moved up to a toddler bed and so they gave us there crib and I happily accepted!

Sunday we are having my one and only baby shower. I am so thrilled! It’s a chance for everyone I love to get together in one place and to celebrate this new life that is joining our family. I’m hoping for lots of encouragement, recommendations and advice for parenting and having a baby. I feel like baby showers are the appropriate time for these things. I’m also hoping to feel more prepared after but you never know what people will give at a baby shower!

Lots of Love,



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