A Quiet Morning

After a whole semester of history and geology, I’m really happy to have a quiet morning to myself.

I woke up early and then slept in a little which isn’t just nice, my body needed it. These last couple days I really saw the importance of listening to my body when it needs rest which led me to calling off work yesterday because what were braxon hicks were becoming stronger and more regular like real contractions. 

Thankfully I listened to my body and didn’t push through like I regularly would have. I went back to sleep for a couple hours yesterday then contacted my doctor. She confirmed I did the right thing and reminded me to be drinking plenty of water. On top of all of that my feet were so swollen Sunday and Monday and yesterday I didn’t really even walk anywhere so I got to spend the afternoon with my feet up.

Today however is a different story. I work 2-10:30pm and have the same shift again on Thursday. I’m prepared for super swollen feet, hopefully my little guy won’t try to make his grand entrance for another four weeks…

I also started today with a stack of blueberry pancakes with whipped cream. Starting a day like that only makes a day great right?

Just try not to burn the pancakes… 😊


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