30 weeks: Nesting Full Swing

I don’t think men will ever fully understand what it feels like to be unprepared for a baby. We aren’t rich and so I feel it is necessary to get some necessities stocked up when they go on sale so that when I don’t have the money when little man is here I won’t have to go out and buy diapers or wipes.

I never really posted about my pregnancy on any social media sites. This is our first baby and we are very excited to meet him and for him to be part of our family. However, I’ve found it incredibly challenging to be joyful this entire pregnancy. I work full time and am going to school and we don’t live on our own… In fact my husband has been looking for a job for the past year since he graduated with his bachelors degree.

There is nothing more depressing and intimidating than knowing how uncertain financially we stand and are expecting a baby. I always envisioned that we would both have our careers started before we had a baby on the way, but life doesn’t work that way. Most aspects in life cannot be planned no matter how hard we try.

At the beginning of my pregnancy I was very discouraged to take any pictures of my growing belly because people had made comments about me gaining weight before my pregnancy was announced and it was frustrating knowing that I wasn’t big enough for maternity clothes but I couldn’t wear my normal clothes anymore because I was so stinking bloated.

Pregnancy is so expensive!

Maternity clothes galore. What do you need? New everything! Put away the cute pajamas they aren’t comfortable anyways. I’ve spent at least $1000 on clothes in the last 8 months. It happens fast and easily when you need regular everyday clothes, work clothes and other items and bras.

My favorite expense was my pregnancy pillow… $55 well spent! Everyone loves it it’s perfectly stuffed. If you are pregnant do yourself a favor and buy or borrow one.

My most used purchase was my tummy/back brace. I use it daily especially when I work I can’t work without it, it definitely lessens my back pain if not dissipating it completely.

My best advice is to look for these items used online or locally. My favorite pair of maternity pants I got for $5 at a thrift store!

We’ve been so blessed! I didn’t need to buy a crib (even though I really would have loved to we just can’t afford that) and we were offered a nice crib from good family friends. And we have received a lot of hammy downs from friends with small boys at church. I have two tubs of clean clothes ranging from NB to 48months ready to go.

Then there is stocking up. I’ve read a ton of blogs of super stickers preparing for their babies and I’m just getting started.


I got diapers and wipes at target to get a $20 gift card if I spent over $125. And today I for 1000+ wipes for $20 at Costco! Costco definitely has a better deal with their diapers and wipes on sale than target even with the gift card! So I’m going to keep an eye out for costco sales from now on. I would suggest you do too.

Download these apps for discounts and coupons:

  • Target “cartwheel”- instant/digital coupons that can be saved to your passbook on your iPhone for fast use during checkout.
  • Ibotta- this is cool and I just discovered it. You buy the item for whatever the price is at the store then scan your receipt and earn an instant rebate of a certain amount for each item (on the list). Then you can cash in those rebates for gift cards to Amazon and stuff.
  • Costco app- allows you to see deals in each department you can even order online! Order baby diapers and wipes online and they ship to your house for free (may be limited time because they are on sale I’m not sure) but you have to have a costco membership to buy from them.
  • Babys R Us- this app have coupons and deals you can save to your passbook also. I really enjoy their digital weekly ads.
  • Kidizen- this is like eBay for baby clothes and gear… They have kids sizes and maternity too!
  • Amazon- this is a “duh!” Download… Sign up for Amazon moms and you can do direct subscriptions to your most used baby supplies such as wipes, diapers, formula, etc. free shipping with prime.
  • Joanns Fabric- if you are crafty this is a must for their digital coupons for all your pre-baby DIY needs. I saved $53 today using coupons off the app when buying material for our little man! I’m making a quilt for the twin size bed in the room and also a toddler size blanket with material my husband picked out.

Now back to what I was doing before I decided to type this…

Love yah!



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