Nordstrom Rack Finds

Everyone has a guilty pleasure store and Nordstrom Rack is one of mine. I really enjoy shopping  there and pretending like I can afford Nordstroms. Let’s be real, Nordstroms is beautiful but to shop there regularly on a starbucks hourly budget is financial suicide so I shop there rarely but I shop Nordstroms Rack when I’m searching for something specific. And something affordable.

Today that something was sneakers. Most fashionistas go for heals or fancy sandals but I’m pregnant, I work 35 hours a week on my feet and I don’t want my feet to suffer the rest of the time. And in my real lifestyle is so casual it’s easier to wear flat shoes (and comfortable ones!) so that I can transition between different activities without having to change shoes.

Converse $49.97

Kate Spade Studs $23.97 (were $48)

14th & Union Studs $9.97

So the converse weren’t discounted but it saved me a trip to the mall and made it easier to decide between keds, vans and converse. The Kate Spade Star Studs were an exciting find I love kate spade she has a great line and the other studs were so funky and cool I love natural stones! I had a really hard time not buying a coordinating ring.

Happy Shopping!

Love, Andrea


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