Orchids, Either Life or Death

I adopted a very sad orchid months ago from a friend who had no idea how to care for it and insisted she somehow was killing it. I took it home wanting to save it from the trash can. 

So I finally made my way to Lowe’s with my husband with the intention of buying pots for our veggies and I finally had a chance to grab some stuff for my poor orchid.

I bought *Non-Miracle Grow Brand Orchid Mix and Food.

This is significant because Miracle Grow is full of chemicals and junk that isn’t good for plants or the environment.

What you will need is:

  • Orchid Grow Mix
  • Orchid food
  • A new pot with lots of drainage (look for pots labeled specifically for orchids)
  • And something to catch all the water that will drain off whether you pick a matching plate or a plastic one.



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