Changes: As Current as the Breeze and New Seeds

My favorite thing about gardening is that it has no set schedule or time table. You can start plants almost as early as you want or as late as you want (if you live in sunny so cal, like me.) And the general atmosphere is that it is always changing. Change is expected and welcome in a garden, it brings new challenges and accomplishments.

Gardens are also completely unscathed by the ugly things that go on in the world. Amongst wars and economic downturn, the garden will still be a haven and produce glorious beautiful fruits of our efforts.

A couple weeks ago I started tomato, squash and watermelon seeds. Since then our weather decided to become terribly warm and killed off quite a bit of my seedlings. I still have a few seedlings of both types of tomatoes I started, but only two squash plants hung on and none of the little watermelon seedlings survived. However since the garden is an ever changing environment it’s just an opportunity to start again.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anymore watermelon seeds so I will need to get more of those eventually, but I do have other seeds.

Today we start fresh…

I refilled the little green houses I love. And it’s time to get the seedlings started. Today I’m choosing to plant cucumber, zucchini, acorn squash and pumpkin. Although these plants come out to be huge vining plants, with my luck and this weather, I will be great fil of two of eat kind survive and are fruitful, much more than that would be a nuisance in a personal garden anyways since they tend to be very fruitful plants.

As we push forward I would like to go with more of a gardening state of mind throughout life, accepting change and welcoming it.

Crossing my fingers these seedlings do better than the last!




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