Two of the Greatest Things Happened Yesterday 

And ONE not so good thing.

Yesterday was my 20 week appointment. I’ve been waiting basically my entire pregnancy to get to this point to know boy or girl?

Yesterday was the first appointment we actually arrived at te recommended time of 15 minutes early. And the result was we waited waited waited 1 hour and 30 minutes to see my doctor. It was horrible. Why we waited so long I don’t know. It seemed like the whole family office was stuck in slow motion. And all the patients were impatient but silent.

When we finally got to see my doctor and her mentor (because she is a resident) I had gotten a 1 hour nap in and my hubby had been waiting 1 hour wondering what was taking so long.

We already had a bad feeling because there was no ultrasound machine in the room. You know that one magical item that is always in the room when you arrive to have an ultrasound… So we were already pessimistic and sort of grumpy.

There was no 20 week ultrasound for me. My doctor needed to schedule an anatomy ultrasound ahead of time but didn’t. She realized her mistake when she asked how the ultrasound went and we stared at her blankly. She then followed with asking if we had an ultrasound scheduled already, because it’s something she needed to order. And when we said no she replied that she would ask her mentor about it. At this point she had a freaked out look on her face and she was freaking out on the inside. I was too.

I was at the hospital for 2 and a half hours and all they did was ask how I’ve been feeling and listen to the heartbeat.

Although it’s always nice to hear the heartbeat. Sometime I wonder if I’m just dreaming and getting fat, and if there really isn’t a baby in there even though I’ve seen him/her 4 times now.

So at this point I’m horrified, frustrated and trying not to cry. 

I waited all day to know whether the squishy being inside me is a boy or girl. Well really, I’ve waited 20 weeks to know. And now I have to wait some more. Luckily my appointment was Tuesday but it’s not like I have extra time in my schedule between work and class to be driving all the way across town in the middle of the day.

The good thing that came out of this appointment is that the doctors ordered me another inhaeler (I have this lovely thing called asthma) and medicine for acid reflux.

I have been dealing with acid reflux long before I even got married but I had never got the doctor to prescribe me anything. Now I can actually eat! It was so nice to eat a full dinner last night and to not suffer afterwards!


Andrea ❤


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