Healthy-ish Snack of the Moment

I am a snacker. I know I need to train myself to eat better. I’ve had a nutritionist and one of the things that she taught me always hangs in my mind.

“Don’t drink your calories and keep snacks to around 200 calories.”

Bring in the health store.

I visit regularly and love finding new little treasures. Naked Power-C Machine is my go to drink to get more vitamin C in when people around me have colds. I have been keeping 2 in my fridge. I decided to drink one now because my coworker still has a nasty cold, and I can’t be sick.

Then there is the strawberry cottage cheese. The preserve is on top…. It wasn’t too sweet but definitely wasn’t necessary. I need to cut back on sugar because I don’t want gestational diabetes so next time I will probably just get a tub of cottage cheese and strawberries. It was pretty good though. I would recommend it to my cottage cheese loving friends!

Now for a real meal… I’m thinking chicken quesadilla since the fridge looks sort of low…




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