You Grow Girl! Squash and Watermelon Seedlings

I know I got started way ahead of the game, but in order to stagger seedlings and plant summer produce that I can enjoy all summer I started some seedlings early.

What I’ve learned about gardening has  come to me over years and years of trial and error and many books about gardening. If you are working with limited space check out You Grow Girl. I absolutely love this chick! She lives where there are 4 seasons so you are in luck if you have 4 seasons too. She will guide you to gardening like you never have before. Buy her book You Grow Girl it is such an awesome book! I always check it out when I’m in need of inspiration.


So I have straightneck squash and watermelon seedlings. The squash seedlings are much larger than the watermelon because, well, they grow much faster.

I always used jiffy greenhouses to start my seedlings. I really like those little pods that puff up when you add warm water. And you can get refill seed pods for about $3 for 36.

When my seedlings have 2 true leaves I transfer them to decomposable pots so that when they are big enough I can plant them directly into the garden.

What you need: seedlings and decomposable pots

Here was the process of repotting.

Here are my seedlings in their new little pots. I put them outside in a plastic little garden crate I got from my local nursery when I purchased little lettuce plants last year. I like that the holes in the bottom provide good drainage which has been a problem with these decomposable pots in the past. So I expect this to work really well. I also stuck this right outside the dog run so I can reach the seedlings to water them but keep them out of reach from the dogs. And they are going to get full sun before it gets so hot outside so they will harden off and be ready to go!


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