It’s My Birthday (And I’ll Cry ’cause I’m hormonal)

Today marks 23 years living and breathing, and making life more interesting for everyone around. I really do enjoy my birthdays.

I enjoy cake, ice cream, frosting, presents (of course as an adult they are less in number and more meaningful!)

This year seemed like my birthday might not end up as planned but that’s okay! We are making it work!

My hunny bought me some more Alex and Ani Bracelets for my birthday I’ve been dying to get some more. So I got the clover for luck, starfish for strength and then Ariel because I love disney, Disneyland and how spunky she is. I also really identify with Ariel in the whole “I love you Daddy but I’m old enough to make my own decisions,” kind of way.

Today Andrew also has an interview we are really hoping he can land, it’s a follow up to a phone interview and could open a lot of doors for him. So we are praying good things come of this!

THEN while walking through Disneyland I spotted a lady with the exact diaper bag I want. So I pointed it out and following that my hunny and I had a conversation about how he thought I already ordered it, because apparently he told me to. Of course I don’t remember any of this and am completely shocked that I’ve been saving for it and I could have just ordered it!

Isn’t it beautiful?! Now if we could just find out the gender of our baby, pick a stroller and car seat, finish the registry and pick a baby name. That would be fantastic.

Well I’m going to take a nap so that we can go back to Disneyland later and enjoy a nice dinner and Fantasmic!



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