Personal Intent

Most people I encounter in conversation are completely shocked that I have a blog. I’m not sure if it’s not necessarily that I don’t look like a blogger I think it’s more of a shock that someone who talks so much can sit down and organize their thoughts long enough to share them with others via a blog.

The reason why i started Sunshine Always Sparkles was that I wanted to have an outlet to share all of my DIY projects, personal opinions on topics, my many unfinished projects and to connect with others online. This blog is not my first, it is my fifth. My first blog I started in high school probably around 2008 on and was basically an open rant journal, it was public and my friends would read and respond to the day’s events.

Now I want to develop my blog into an online version of myself with my many layers. I want to cover literature, religion, fashion, college, organization and (most new to me) parenting. In fact, I’m not a parent yet I have a few months to go before I pop this little one out but I want to share my journey with others who are interested or in the same place in life that I am.

I want this blog to be public so that other people who are going through the same things as me, or that I share common thought or experiences with will have a place to connect and not feel alone.

Most of all I want to connect with readers and fellow bloggers when it feels like the rest of the world is on a completely different page in life than I am.


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