Spring Planning: Garden Edition

Everyone that knows me on a personal level knows my love for plants and gardening. As a child my mother and grandfather really had a great role in developing my love for the earth and nature.

I have always loved that with a shovel, water, seeds and sunlight you can make something truly beautiful from what was just, well… dirt.

Over the years I have learned that dirt is really living and it’s so much more than dirt it is soil. It can be worked into something magical and forgiving. Something that can bless your life when you really give it a chance.

Gardening has really helped my spiritual life. You really begin to understand and appreciate little miracles in the world when you garden. And the relationship with my husband was cultivated around it.

Today is a gloomy day where I live in Southern California, and my husband is working today so I had a chance to sleep in and enjoy my morning however I wanted. When I finally drug myself out of bed to go outside and hang with my dogs (who are truly man’s best friend by the way) it began sprinkling. My dog Rosie does not appreciate water she just turned one and let me know she wanted to go outside. So instead we made it to the covered porch.

There is a swing out here that my late father-in-law built long ago and it’s just lovely. As soon as I loved in I bought some bright outdoor throw pillows to accent the red finish of the swing.

Today I am planning my garden. For most of my gardening information I like to turn to my favorite site and book You Grow Girl, check them out at yougrowgirl.com

What I love about yougrowgirl.com is that you don’t even need a yard to grow plants and veggies. Gayla and her cohorts walk you through step-by-step how to’s for growing your own window seal garden or on the emergency stairs on the outside of your apartment.




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