Juror Duty and Blogging Challenge

Juror Duty has to be one of the most dull things I’ve ever experienced right up there with sitting at the DMV (which reminds me I need to renew my license immediately it expires next month!)

Anyways, I have found solace in one of my favorite books.

This book I picked up one night at Barnes and Nobles to read later when I wasn’t in school. Well I’ve been reading it since I got it, a little at a time. Referencing sections I’ve been working on.

This poor book was brand new and now it’s water damaged, it’s dogeared, it has sticky notes throughout it and notes and underlining in pink throughout it.

It’s the 5th day of 2015 and I’m inspired but lacking time to finish my quilting project. And since I didn’t think bring a crotchet needed to juror duty was a great idea I’m just reading (and writing).

This book is so inspiring and I recommend it to every creative blogger out there!

Each time I read it I am pushed closer and closer to my true blogging calling. I love fashion and beauty but it is expensive to upkeep those blogs and keep shopping and finding deals so I think and think and think….
And when I’m reading this new ideas flood in and I write them down in order to not lose those thoughts.

I will be a creative blogger. I have always been a blogger but I want this to be more than a journal open to the world I want this is be a passion where people can come get to know me and connect with me and others.

Today I’m inspired to do gardening and outdoor decor. More Do-It-Yourself things than anything, and I know there is an audience out there for it.

Today I challenge you and myself to be inspired and to do something- something more than household chores. Something to express yourself and then share it with others!



2 thoughts on “Juror Duty and Blogging Challenge

  1. I’m sorry jury duty was boring, but at least you were able to use your downtime well. I’ve been through voir dire twice in federal court, but I’ve been selected for the jury only once. Lots of people assumed I wouldn’t be selected–because I’m a lawyer–but that didn’t turn out to be true. I thought it was a fascinating experience, but for the same reasons I love my job.


    1. That is so cool! I actually have taken debate, ethics, business law and have a certificate in legal administration. Although i would have far too much fun in a jury because of my personality, i cant miss work. So im feeling pretty lucky to be in the juror pool still.


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