2015 Prediction

This year I heard lots of people who were “nice” received sewing machines for Christmas. I don’t know about them but I have been begging Santa for my own sewing machine for years and this year, apparently, I finally was well-behaved enough to receive it!



Not only did my parents gift me and awesome sewing machine, but they got a computerized one that does everything from normal sewing, special techniques, quilting and simple embroidery letters! I think there’s something over 200 stitches.

My Prediction for 2015:
2015 is going to be a huge year for crafting. DIY tutorials are everywhere and in this day and age everyone is about doing what’s in.

Although I’m more of a trailblazer than a trend follower, I can totally see myself fitting into this 2015 crafty crowd. I’ve always been the oddball making and designing my own clothes, but I’m so much deeper into it that that. Now on my mind is quilting, design, appliqué and home decor.
I can see this is the beginning of a dangerous relationship between myself and Joann’s. But it will still be a glorious 2015.


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