Quick and Delicious Dinner

This evening I was determined to pick something flavorful, filling and healthy for dinner. Part of the problem was my budget, I only had about $25 in the grocery budget for the rest of the month until my next pay check comes in.

So my first instinct was to think like my mom. I ran through a mental list of what is the cabinets and pantry at home. We always have lots of grains which are pretty plain.

I love quinoa so I picked quinoa. I decided to pick up some broccoli and squash on the way home.

Once home, I had my veggies and quinoa cooking and I was trying to figure out what to add to it to get more flavor.

I stuck my nose in the pantry and found basil and sea salt. When added to my dinner, what pleasure I found in my mouth! It was delicious! I even prepared the leftovers for the next few days.



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