A Love for a Brand: Alex and Ani

I don’t remember when I first was introduced to the brand Alex and Ani but my thoughts were to question quality and price of their products.

Quickly following my realization that their brand produced all American made products and that most fell within a price range I was willing to pay for American products I became enthused.

What happened next was incredible.
I was at my local Nordstrom’s Rack (which we lovingly call Nordie’s) and I thought to look and see if any of their products were there.

With a little luck I actually found an entire rack of clearance spring bracelets all of the beaded variety and no real charm bracelets.

I decided to go with a clear and a pink beaded bracelets to test quality and see what type of actual use I would have for them.

Instant love. I’ve been wearing them daily and decided at my next trip to Disneyland I would add a Disney charm to my collection.

Disney+ Alex and Ani= Amazing!!

What a hard decision lay ahead! So many choices of characters so I decided the proper way to start an Alex and Ani Disney collection was with the Disneyland charm itself. IMG_8565.JPG

This is love,


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